The Santam Minute to Win It event took place on the 19th of July at the Westville Civic Centre and was an absolute resounding success. It was a brilliant opportunity to build camaraderie amongst the team members.

The teams were challenged to a dance-a-thon, as well as putting their motor skills to test by stacking bolts one of top of the other all the challenges had to be completed within a minute. Needless to say, there was plenty of cheering, giggles and the odd frustrated click of the tongue.

Santam layed out a delicious spread of mini chicken curry bunnies, gourmet burgers, home-made potato chips, various cheesy hot snacks and scrumptious desserts. The teams were treated to a wide variety of beverages which also included a classy do it yourself cocktail bar.

All team members gave it their all but in the end, Hollard was the well-deserving winning team.

The MC awarded them with a 1st place certificate and a medal which was received with much enthusiasm and bravado.

Well done, Santam for providing such a fun-filled, excellently executed event and thank you for your continuous support of the IIKZN.