The conditions of Membership are as follows:

Members shall be such persons wholly or mainly engaged or employed in work connected with insurance whom the Council may see fit to admit upon payment of such subscription as the Council may from time to time determine. The Council may in its discretion allow a person who has ceased to be engaged or employed in insurance to retain his membership or, if such membership has lapsed, to revive it.


The Benefits of being a Member of the Insurance Institute of Kwa-Zuzlu Natal

  • Networking events with fellow members of the Insurance Industry.
  • Educational experiences with relevance to the insurance subjects and general industry information, in the form of events; keeping abreast of study route information and industry developments, with guidance from the IISA.
  • Various social and sporting activities arranged by IIKZN
  • Recognition as an affiliation to an Institute
  • Recognition of academic and skills qualifications
  • Recognition of long service to the insurance industry
  • In addition you will receive a monthly newsletter with details of forthcoming events and feedback on previous events held. You will also be kept informed via a variety of media platforms.
  • As an IIKZN Member you qualify for a free 12-month digital subscription to the RISKSA Magazine

Please keep your membership number safe as you will be required to quote this when participating in the various social, sports or education events. Please remember to advise us if you change your employment/company, so that we may update your details on our database.

Note: Your membership follows you, so if your current company paid your membership, after which you change company, your membership remains in force until the next renewal, after which your new company will be responsible for the following year



The 2017 fee is R95 per person to become a member of the IIKZN.


BECOME A MEMBER by completing the attached form and sending it to Debbie Olivier ( or contact Debbie on (031) 8305058

IIKZN MEMBERSHIP application form


2 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. Good day,

    I am looking for copies of the monthly Insurance Institute newsletters for 2016. I have been a representative of Sunray Insurance Brokers – (Fais No. 21547) but this business has now been wound up since the passing of the main Member, Phillip Wallace in February 2016. It appears membership may not have been renewed at the beginning of 2016. Your assistance would be appreciated. Kind regards, Janien Bohm – membership number 2660.

    1. Good day Janien
      My humble apologies for the delayed response.
      I have forwarded your request regarding membership to Debbie Olivier.
      The past newsletters should be up on the website during the next 2 weeks.
      Thank you,
      Jenny Howle

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