Education Calendar 2017


17/08/2017 Bootcamp: Aviation, Marine, Drones (venue to be confirmed)

01/09/2017 Education Awards Function at Westville Country Club

29/09/2017 DMIA Marine at Westville Country Club

10/11/2017 Risk Mangement at Westville Country Club

01/02/2018 Legal & Compliance at Westville Country Club






It has come to our attention, and almost become an industry norm, for people to note their subject title e.g COP, ICiBS. This is not permitted as these are not designations.

With the change to the new NQF-accepted qualifications, we are no doubt in for an interesting time as qualified individuals start to work out how to reflect their academic standing on the business cards. IISA qualifiers are reminded that the only professional designations that may be used.

The professional designations of the IISA are:

  • FIISA Fellow of the IISA
  • AIISA Associate of the IISA and
  • LIISA Licentiate of the IISA

In order for the titles to be valid, individuals must have completed the required 30 hours of CPD by the 30th of June each year AND paid the year’s membership fees, failing which they face possible censure through the disciplinary committee and possibly losing the right to the Designators Title.

Reference may be made to the under noted qualifications, i.e:

  • Advanced Diploma (Adv. Dip. or ADiIM)
  • Diploma (Dip. or DiI)
  • Higher Certificate (H Cert. or HCiI)
  • ACII or
  • FCII

However, the CoP and ICiBS programmes are not complete qualifications and should not be referred to. Naturally, any of the above may be used as part of a CV or even in narrative form in a letter, but only those titles and qualifications which are acceptable on a business card may be used on a letterhead.


Access to the above can be gained via the Inseta website which will assist you in ascertaining your current FAIS status. Details in this regard are: Once linked into the Web site refer to Qualifications and Skills Programme. Move to Qualification Equivalence Matrix Access Insurance Qualification Equivalence Matrix for Recognition of Prior Learning. You will be able to identify any studies undertaken in the Insurance Industry and calculate your FAIS credits.

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